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transform my parenting experience
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Sarah Amy Glensor Best

“Kia ora, I’m Sarah Amy Glensor Best – Parenting, Relationships, Life & Families Coach.

I get out of bed every day to help people transform their parenting experience so that they can enjoy being the sort of parent they long to be. Join me for coaching, retreats or other training. See you soon!”

as a parent…

… we know there is more, or different, we could be doing to help our children succeed and be happy in life, and to increase our enjoyment of our parenting experience. But it often feels easier to keep doing the same things while hoping for a different result (or maybe that it will just turn out ok?!)

What realistic changes could really transform my parenting experience?

… we are often judged when we choose to do things differently than other people. This relentless judgement from society and other parents can be exhausting and adds to any existing feelings of inadequacy and concern for our children’s outcomes.

Where can I get strength from to transform my parenting experience?

… we also feel attacked from many angles by conflicting information that we are assured “will work”. This well-meaning advice is usually neither fact-based nor tailored to our situation and may even feel “wrong” to us.

How can I know what is “right” for my family?

… we seek reassurance, inspiration and motivation to traverse the parenting journey, knowing what to try next and feeling affirmed in our ability to do this job well.

Who can support me on this parenting adventure?

I can help you. Contact me to find out more now.

transform my parenting experience

you’ve got this

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Look at parenting through fresh eyes, knowing you have the backing of the latest neuroscience to help in making those difficult parenting decisions.

The solution to any feelings of overwhelm, concerns or wish for greater joy and satisfaction, will be tailored to the needs of you and your children, creating the relationships and parenting pleasure you desire.

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Powerful parenting

Communication and relational techniques and understanding to enable you to be more effective when interacting with children of all ages.

You can reframe circumstances, take responsibility for managing your own state, and forge new ways forward to help children reach their potential in life – their reason for being




Take Responsibility
Create Energy
Grow Awareness
Generate Love

Use REAL to help make conscious, informed, regret-free decisions and understand any situations you are faced with. Let me work with you on this

transform parenting experiences

transform my parenting experience

Through individual coaching sessions, we will create transformation of your parenting experience so that you can enjoy being the sort of parent you long to be. You’ll be skipping, laughing, stumbling (yes!) and dancing alongside your children as the success of previous labours become visible and new challenges raise their heads. You’ve got this! And I’ve got you.

You’ll look at parenting through fresh eyes, knowing you have the backing of the latest neuroscience to help in making those difficult parenting decisions. The solutions to your overwhelm, concerns or fears will be tailored to the needs of you and your children, creating the relationships and parenting enjoyment you desire.

Changing the world really is child’s play and so, together, we’ll also be changing the world one powerful conversation at a time.

what others say…

“Talking to Sarah about our daughter’s sleep issue was a relief to say the least. Her knowledge of children’s needs and commitment to nurturing parent-child relationships helped us see the things we are already doing well and gave us the chance to learn some new things.

Thinking about our daughter’s needs (to feel safe and not alone) as a priority, and brainstorming creative ways to meet our own needs, was empowering. Sarah’s empathy, perspectives and insights have already made a positive difference to our family. It’s easy to see how her ideas to help us with our current challenge will be useful as we face different challenges in future.”

  – Sarah, mother of a 9 year old

“Great session with Sarah today. What a guru. I love your calm and open nature, your ability to hear me and not just listen. You’ve already taught me heaps over the years that have been invaluable as a parent  trying to weave my way through this complex, vulnerable and forever changing journey.

Today was another example of how your gentle guidance makes me feel reassured, empowered and confident in my natural abilities to parent. We cant predict the future but we can try to understand both our children’s and our own wiring and how the two connect. I am honoured and privileged to have my children in my world and am stoked to have someone like you on hand when I feel wobbly.”

– Kirstie, mother of a 8 year old

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about taking responsibility, realising that there are other ways and giving them a go – especially when what we’ve been doing isn’t working or is creating side effects.”  – Sarah Amy Glensor Best

transform my parenting experience

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