My first book. This was born when I first realised what a privilege it is to be such a major influence in the developing lives of my children, and therefore out in the world. The foundations were being laid down with every interaction, every experience I had with my children and that was going to impact how they would later view themselves, others and the world. This was important stuff!

I then realised that it could also be lots of fun – normal, everyday interactions and experiences could be turned into the greatest, gravest or most fun adventures and opportunities for play. Then the list began!

From an original list of 400 experiences and ways of being around children, I culled and combined until I had 150, then 120, then 60 and then finally the 36 topics that made it into this first book. There are a further 36 awaiting inclusion in a sequel to this one for all those who’ve appreciated the ideas included in Changing the World is Child’s Play book 1.

The Foreword was written by Miriam McCaleb and Nathan Mikaere-Wallis. Two very reputable child advocates and commentators and both stunning human beings. I felt very honoured when they accepted my request to write this acclamation.

Please join me in delighting in the precious time we have with our children and acknowledge the extraordinary opportunities we have of shaping the future through our interactions and other choices. Please let me know all about your experiences of Changing the World through Child’s Play.

Arohanui, S xx


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