A wee story about trust

Yesterday I returned from a weekend training session. My 7-year-old daughter was so excited to see me! She insisted on carrying my things into the house and up to my room for me. At first I gently objected saying “I’ll do it darling.” Luckily however she is a very strong person and instead of accepting my stepping on her toes, my lack of trust in her, she stated firmly and kindly “Mum, I can do it” and proceeded to take my drink bottles and purse, my pillows, ukulele and everything else that was in my hands.

She stumbled up the stairs. I followed, smiling. At the top she turned around, re-balanced herself under her load, and told me that I was to follow her and NOT go into the kitchen. “OK.” I agreed, even though I was keen to greet my partner and other children. I stood there while she unwrapped and de-cluttered herself. Then she was back. “Now, close your eyes and follow me. It’s ok I’ll keep you safe.”

Now, usually I close my eyes initially and then wait until she’s begun the journey before peeking, just a little, opening my eyes a tiny crack to check for any dangers to my person. This time however I chose to trust entirely to her direction and care of me. She smoothly led me along by the hand. My right arm brushed a wall as we turned a corner. The urge was very strong to open my eyes. I had to keep reassuring myself that I would be safe in her care for these steps to the kitchen.

On arrival I was greeted with the most delight I’ve seen on her face in a long time as she handed me a gift. As I unwrapped her carefully decorated present for me I realised that I too had given her a gift, one more valuable than any we can buy. My gift was to trust in her plan, trust in her care, trust that this little person in front of me is confident, competent and has much to contribute to this world – and I am not in control nor in charge of how that will unfold for her and by her. Wow.